Americans for Moral Comedy

Calling all God Fearing Americans to Put an End to Disgusting Liberal so called "Comedy"!

Dear Friend,

The time has come for good Americans to put an end to these sinful "show biz" haters who want to fill our airwaves that our children watch with tasteless and disrespectful materials.

It is time to start to attack at the source. There are so called "industry events" that are breeding grounds for these cesspools of despicable material and we will use our economic and political power to end this disgrace!

Our first official protest and boycott will be against a deplorable event that takes place in liberal "la la land" Hollywood called the U.S. Sketch Comedy Championships. This fake event allows unruly wannabe tasteless performers to perform sick and perverted material without any censorship in the guise of them becoming the next bit TV stars.

What is worse is that apparently every year there is a horde of liberal Hollywooders that attend to find the next heathens to air on our channels.

These photos are just a small sampling of the filth this that this '"comedy show" promotes as the next big talent to be on our television shows where our children can possibly see this! Join our boycott!

Join Our Boycott of the U.S. Sketch Comedy Championships atthe Hudson Theater in Hollywood on Wed. Nov 20th, 2019. 8:30PM

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